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Joseph Stalin's Blog

"The ends justify the means."
74 years old
Russian Federation
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what color is the tv in your room?:

i don't have a tv in my office, but my home television has a nice beige box with brown knobs

how's your heart lately?:

Fiercely Pumping for the motherland (my doctor says I have heart palpitations)

one year from now, what do you think you'll be up to?:

more paperwork

how many different shirts have you worn today?:


do people who dont use proper english bother you?:

clearly we are currently speaking in russian

do you own slippers? what do they look like?:

yes, they are brown and quite comfy

whats in your cd player right now?:

What's a CD? You mean a radio? Currently, the radio is playing opera.

what about your dvd player?:

I have no idea what you are talking about. Like, a television? Oh, it's showing a documentary about the october revolution, of course!

do you write down events on a calendar?:

Why, yes, I do. I've had to be quite the bureaucrat lately.

is it cold outside?:

Soviet Russia is always cold.

any tattoos?:

a laughing skull from one of my bouts in prison while I was a youth before the October revolution.

planning on getting any?:

no, that would be frivolous.

do you have any siblings?:

Yes, Mikhail and Georgy.

what game system do you play most?:

Game system?

favorite word?:


what phrase do you text write most often?:

"Socialism in the USSR". Can't say it enough, we have to focus on internal affairs before trying to convert everywhere else.

who's the 4th missed call on your telephone from?:

department of livestock management; those buggers only value cows.

country music or rap?:

Country music, of course. I can even recite the lyrics of the national anthem if you'd like.

spiderman or iron man?:

Superman: Red Son.

bill clinton or obama?:

Both neoliberal capitalists. No thank you.

honey or baby?:


blue or pink?:


ranch or italian dressing?:

Russian dressing

mouse or touch pad?:

Pen and paper...? What is a 'touch pad'??

verizon or sprint?:

Under state socialism, information access is a government provided basic right.

stay in or go out?:

stay in. i have books to read.

read the book or watch the movie?:

I'd like to see the movie version of Das Kapital.

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Stalin, in case I haven't said it enough, i love you.

and yeah Блядь those neoliberal capitalists


Stalin, you are quite the man and hopefully, one day I can meet you