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"The ends justify the means."
74 years old
Russian Federation
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(This blog features American politics.)

Tomorrow there will be events held to support the passage of the PRO act, a bill which would be the most significant expansion of workers' rights there has been in decades.

These events are especially relevant in the states of Arizona and Virginia, if you are near an event and available I highly recommend that you attend. Their senators are democrats who have not yet supported the bill, but may be persuaded to with your help.

Normally I would frown upon legislative means of expanding workers' rights (as opposed to physical or revolutionary), but advocating for worker's rights is praxis. (Also, bougies are pushing back against it so pissing them off is a side benefit)

See if there is an event near you

Read this reddit post

The PRO act does things such as:

  • Expands the legal definitions of Employee, Employer, and Supervisor to include more individuals under Fair Labor Standards
  • Prohibits discrimination against workers who participate in strikes
  • Prevents employers from forcing employees into attending anti-union meetings
  • Makes employers not allowed to enter agreements where the employee surrenders the right to pursue/join lawsuits against the employer
  • Implements various whistleblower protections
  • Establishes penalties for entities which fail to comply with National Labor Relations Board orders

See the official congress document here (Site may be slow to load)


Psychological help (repost)

depressed? here, have some assistance.
sorry for shit image quality. if you right click > open image in new tab, you can see the images in their original dimensions


summary: food, water, sleep, shower and walk. you'll feel better. sometimes your negative mood isn't because of completely physical reasons. critics' opinions are not everyone's opinion of you. and sometimes teenage years come with hormonal imbalances that make you feel like shit for no reason, so if you're doing everything you can and still feel bad then don't worry about it. if it persists go to a doctor or something and ask for antidepressants.
oh yeah, also its winter in the northern hemisphere. that can cause depression.

Ok, that's about all I can think of. Feel free to give more advice or comment on existing advice.



what color is the tv in your room?:

i don't have a tv in my office, but my home television has a nice beige box with brown knobs

how's your heart lately?:

Fiercely Pumping for the motherland (my doctor says I have heart palpitations)

one year from now, what do you think you'll be up to?:

more paperwork

how many different shirts have you worn today?:


do people who dont use proper english bother you?:

clearly we are currently speaking in russian

do you own slippers? what do they look like?:

yes, they are brown and quite comfy

whats in your cd player right now?:

What's a CD? You mean a radio? Currently, the radio is playing opera.

what about your dvd player?:

I have no idea what you are talking about. Like, a television? Oh, it's showing a documentary about the october revolution, of course!

do you write down events on a calendar?:

Why, yes, I do. I've had to be quite the bureaucrat lately.

is it cold outside?:

Soviet Russia is always cold.

any tattoos?:

a laughing skull from one of my bouts in prison while I was a youth before the October revolution.

planning on getting any?:

no, that would be frivolous.

do you have any siblings?:

Yes, Mikhail and Georgy.

what game system do you play most?:

Game system?

favorite word?:


what phrase do you text write most often?:

"Socialism in the USSR". Can't say it enough, we have to focus on internal affairs before trying to convert everywhere else.

who's the 4th missed call on your telephone from?:

department of livestock management; those buggers only value cows.

country music or rap?:

Country music, of course. I can even recite the lyrics of the national anthem if you'd like.

spiderman or iron man?:

Superman: Red Son.

bill clinton or obama?:

Both neoliberal capitalists. No thank you.

honey or baby?:


blue or pink?:


ranch or italian dressing?:

Russian dressing

mouse or touch pad?:

Pen and paper...? What is a 'touch pad'??

verizon or sprint?:

Under state socialism, information access is a government provided basic right.

stay in or go out?:

stay in. i have books to read.

read the book or watch the movie?:

I'd like to see the movie version of Das Kapital.


do you need help with css?

if so, here are some resources.

janken goes over some often asked questions in this video.

these sites have everything you need to know about css.

if you still have questions, you can probably find some answers by searching them here.

don't forget, developer tools / inspect mode is your best friend! (ctrl + shift + j, or just right click > inspect)

if you want your css to look unique and aesthetically pleasing, you have to put some effort into learning the mechanics 'behind the scenes'.

most questions directly relevant to this site are to be found in the first video, please watch it in its entirety before asking css questions specific to the site.

Myspace93 CSS Help Discord:

join to get your questions answered. ping somebody who has been active in the #css-help channels