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This abandoned 1800s cemetery is 0.8mi from my house, located on the top of a hill just a few hundred away from heavy construction. This photo is from my first visit a few weeks ago. I lived in this area for almost two years and had no idea this beautiful, resting place existed.

After first stumbling upon the clearing that leads to the cemetery, I first noticed the segment of the stone wall that is slightly visible from the street. (I have a photo of this I'll find.)
No true path leads to the top of the hill. A freshly cut common area behind some nearby homes was the easiest hike. I was amazed by how large this hidden space was, by tall trees and greenery and HOMES!

I left coins to the left of the black, iron gate and entered. What is very sad is the state of the place. It has been SEVERELY defaced and graffiti covers some of the larger monuments. Racial slurs, profane symbols, and plain scribbling.
How long had these horrible etchings been left there?

According to historical context, the taller the vertical monument, the likelihood of the family being more wealthy.

This is now a project I have assigned myself to clean and take some care of. I want to pay respects, leave offerings, and also just spend time in the vibration.


I'll add the other images ASAP.

DISCLAIMER: I have done proper research on the location before infringing or overstepping any boundaries set by family no longer actively looking over the place. Please be respectful when handling any resting place and respect the wishes of the families and/or active caregivers.

UPDATE: All clean... upload photos soon

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Makes me wanna venture to my nearest cemetry.... I have a very similar one near my house. It's quite wonderful

Jaden Desmond

thanks for taking the time to clean and restore the place, it sucks that people would deface it to begin with but its really cool that you decided to take the time to fix that