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Hello friends! Welcome to "ALIEN TALK".

I call it that due to how all of my family and friends' faces look when I go into it.

Our entire system as a society is completely made-up! Money is a made-up concept, alongside the system that tells us we need to work 9-5 jobs, to make money to just survive until we die. Have you ever questioned the system? We're not meant to live this way. This isn't necessarily anti-government, or anti-God, but instead realizing we are our own sovereign beings with immense power. Beliefs do vary across the internet, so I cannot emphasize enough: research and digging in deep.

I believe life is a video game; we are the program and the programmer. We write the script of our own movie from a higher consciousness to play out here in the 3D world. Now if that does not resonate with you, thanks for stopping by. For me, it took much listening to accept that my reality has been created by myself. You play life, life doesn't play you. The victim narrative needed to go out of the door for me to actually go through a spiritual awakening, and I am stubborn!

--My opinion and my opinion only; I do not speak for any other individual--[Relating to police in modernity, police were made as a barrier between us and the elites. That is all. The system of police is a horrible, ineffective, (once again, made-up), system. Even on a deeper level, these individuals have fallen into this job, thinking they are doing good for the world and that they are just doing their job. These police are also humans in their own video game, who have not woken up yet to see the bigger picture. Fuck the police as a whole unit, not as individual beings set loose to navigate life, the same as we are.]--

--Emotions are just energy: Emotional Energy-- "Feel your fucking feelings and then get your shit together."-- Allow yourself to feel the emotional energy and process it instead of boxing it up or letting it completely take over your entire being. This limits you. Holding onto these more intense emotions keep is tied up in the 3d world!
TIP: Learn your attachment style! One of the first things I learned from psychology that CLICKED.
This has explained so much for me as to how I navigate relationships. We learn from our parents, or caregivers, growing up how a relationship works. From there, we tend to drift to the same dynamics and create the same type of relationship in the future romantically, or with friends.

Taking a step back and realizing exactly what the hell we are doing and why, is huge! Why does our society work this way? Why do I attract these types of people or relationships? Why have all of these hardships been handed to me?
A great prophet I follow online is Jessa Reed; she has a podcast called Soberish about higher consciousness and her insight on it. She breaks it down very eloquently and instantly was my cup of tea. If this talk is not for you, cool. If your interested, I highly recommend checking out her podcast episode titled, "The Tower". It is a phenomenal starting place for figuring out what all of this 5th dimension talk is about. A light bulb came on in my mind when I first listened, like, holy shit... this all makes sense.



CHECK OUT YOUR HUMAN DESIGN TYPE HERE -- https://www.jovianarchive.com/get_your_chart
FIND YOUR ATTACHMENT STYLE HERE OR SIMPLY SEARCH GOOGLE -- https://testyourself.psychtests.com/testid/2859
I say take multiple tests and see what applies best to you.

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i see alien i click


Fully agree <3 Video Game would be the simplest way to explain it!