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ever feel different?

sometimes there is certain songs or old things that you make you feel strange or nostalgic for example today at 8:20pm i was listening to this song called kids by mgmt i remember playing minecraft on my xbox 360 in 2013 and blasting this song i miss 2013 best year ever for me even though i was like 6 almost 7 but i still remember, i would always run to my best friend's house next door everyday playing minecraft with her now she is 16 and moved away we are still friends on instagram but its not really the same. everything was different back then epic school epic everything even animal jam was the best i dont recall my account though :/ but yeah enough of that strangeness any stories you guys have? anything thats different?

be safe! stay rad! stay epic! :)))


also here is some cool songs to add to your epic playlist!!!!!

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fr fr I am so nostalgic 4 no reason it just depresses me and makes me spiral. but I tend to overestimate the meaning of certain events in my childhood and pretend that the moments that most effected me were not that big a deal:/


Nostalgia is something that can hurt very deeply, a few years ago I had to move away from where I lived so at least two years later the nostalgia hit me very hard. It is also very hard/sad to realize that you are growing up and you are not a child anymore. Good luck!! xoxo


nostalgia is a weird thing

Nah Dude

I've also experienced what broski describes. I think it was with old Arctic Monkeys but I get that feeling from a lot of 90s and 2000s alternative and indie music. Been jamming to this recently https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FdP0eS47ts
Minecraft on xbox 360 was the good times. I remember before I bought it I had the demo and my neighbors came over and we played on the tutorial map over and over again. We must have done that for at least a year. t.A.T.u is cool, I remember I had this song on my ipod when


Though I didn't discover it until I was 11 so no huge nostalgic value, Stable Song by Death Cab gives me those feelings. I guess it's just an innately relatable and crushing song ; it's both rousing and depressing at the same time.

broski the 50th

I had a song I'd never heard before bring back memories. It was "May 16" from THPS2. Heard it for the first time a few years ago, but when I did memories of hanging out with friends, playing games and all that filled my head. It didn't feel like I remembered because the song was playing during those memories, but rather because the sound of it sort of encapsulated my feeling of nostalgia towards them. It was really weird but I loved every second of it, it's one of my favorite songs ever now