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"mr white i shit myself"
69 years old
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hey hi hello everyone!!
little old me got a total of 1 hour of sleep in 48 hours!!!
why?? cuz i was fucking watching breaking bad. im on season 3 now, and i have high hopes for whats coming up,
also fuck skyler and marie, honestly the two most annoying bitches ever, loud ass mouths.
apparently my mother also really enjoys breaking bad, she lets me ramble about it which is a win in my book.
going back to me only getting an hour of sleep,
that hour of sleep made me near late.
my stepdad called me at 10:48 am. school starts at fucking 11:10pm.
my ride was here, and i was in a sports bra, booty shorts, and a zip-up hoodie.
shits fucked.
i really just wanna finish breaking bad, im so excited for season 4. everyone is telling me its amazing, and hank gets some character development (i fucking hate hank). i watched the first episode yesterday and everything just took off from there, by the time the episode was over i was already in love.
i'd like to argue breaking bad being one of the best shows ever, maybe even THE best.
it's so fucking good, it always keeps you tied in for more.
fuuuuuuck duuuuude

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breaking bad is so fucking good. you should watch bcs when you're done!! i think everybody hates skyler during the show, but can sympathise with her after the dust has settled. (in the early seasons, she is just played like an obstacle without her own interests). if u wanna gush about breaking bad some more hmu because i'm dying to talk to more likeminded people B)