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"mr white i shit myself"
69 years old
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history ramble x))

sometimes i remember old books i've read,
those stupid 'i survived' books were basically what lived on. it's probably what fueled my love for history in general. I've always loved talking about and learning about wwi the most, it seems the most interesting, especially when you look into the cause of war. (had a long pause there, just got out of art class and im trying to get paint off my arm warmers ;T_T)
did you know when hitler ruled germany he banned most fantasy books, one of the main genres being dystopian and utopian books?? he didn't want people to know there was better out there.
another fun fact/conspiracy: hitler's real body was never found, though there are claims he had killed himself or was killed in berlin. it isn't the case, the body that was put into a museum was actually that of a woman in her 40's.
it's rumored that hitler ran off to antarctica with fellow nazis and left doubles to try and fool the allies.
it's crazy, conspiracists LOVE world war 2 just for this knowledge, there's really good documentaries on it too o.O, netflix has some realllllly good ones x3.

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I was OBSESSED with WWII in 7th grade
now I kinda just like all history, defiantly my favorite subject of pretty much anything ever