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"mr white i shit myself"
69 years old
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class Dx

im rn sitting in class listening to my bio teacher ramble, kinda forgot how boring this shit is x.X
decided to try an ultra gold monster as well tastes like complete shit q.q a solid 4/10, tastes too much like the og >:/
did i mention that i hate the og monster?? i dont think i have yet, it tastes like a rotten apple,
ultra red and blue is good tho, i feel like i should make a monster tier list O.o i alzo decided to wear my invader zim shirt, i ended up leaving my gir hoodie @ my dad's this week, x( wouldve looked so cool ToT
im thinking of using my blog to ramble abt stuff i do :P im slowly getting better with css tho X) that and my friend gave me a mochi cat thingie ^-^ i named it rose (hehe homestuck (o: )
im trying 2 be more active on snap :P (if ur wondering my user is emoloserboy <.<)

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