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"The Industrial Revolution was NOT cool"
61 years old
United States
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Part 5.

I used to be a protesting type of person, back in my youth we were protesting the war and I was up on the White House Lawn, I then proceeded to vomit all over the White House steps. It was kind of "poggers" is that how you kids use that?

In this article we give attention to only some of the negative developments that have grown out of the industrial-technological system. Other such developments we mention only briefly or ignore altogether. This does not mean that we regard these other developments as unimportant. For practical reasons we have to confine our discussion to areas that have received insufficient public attention or in which we have something new to say. For example, since there are well-developed environmental and wilderness movements, we have written very little about environmental degradation or the destruction of wild nature, even though we consider these to be highly important.

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