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"♡ your bad dragon order is in transit ♡"
21 years old
United States
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DNIs and all that

i should've done this sooner oops but here we go, i'll repost this if it disappears from my main page for some reason!


you're under 16; please. i'm begging yall
basic dni criteria (anything-phobic basically)
you're a heavily political person
your main rhythm games are osu! or itg, those games give me eyestrain and the people i've talked to from those communities are usually jerks
you reclaim slurs unironically (with the exception of q*eer!)
• you say stuff like "kills you" or "i'll strangle ur parents" to joke around, stuff like that makes me feel physically unsafe because i take those words literally!
you're into cringe culture or shame people for the stuff they like i guess??? just be nice!

PLEASE interact with me if:

• you're a fan of garfield! /srs
• you had a warrior cats phase and never grew out of it
• ^^^same thing with littlest pet shop videos dfjbkl
• you have furry/animal OCs and talk about them a lot! because unsurprisingly i have a ton of those myself hahaha
• any of your interests/fixations are super niche, i know how hard it is to find people that'll give your interest(s) a chance personally, so ramble away to me! i LOVE learning/trying out new things!!!!
you're a fan of character(s) from any game in the BEMANI series (examples include SDVX, pop'n music, DDR, etc!)
• you draw in ms paint or doodle silly things all the time!!!
you share any kin sources with me silly (i'd be deadass shocked if someone has any of these tbh)
ur single ;)) /hj
• lastly, if you know of any good/wholesome discord servers for anything i just wrote! i often go days without texting/talking to anybody online and so help me god i'm gonna change that

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