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"♡ your bad dragon order is in transit ♡"
21 years old
United States
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art/hobby page!

for all the gamer girls out there, here's some things i've done/made to prove that i'm a cool person :)

on my carrd i mention how pop'n music is a huge fixation/hobby of mine, this is a video i made to showcase myself playing the game for my buddies who had never even heard of the game: video

i went to film school up until 2020 and my main thing back then was designing characters for animation projects, here's the one i'm the most attached to even today :')

some more pics/fanart i've done in the last six (6)-ish months........:

i've also picked up a hobby for collecting pins through the course of the pandemic, these are the ones i for-sure wanna keep forever but i have more on my secondary Etsy Store!


^^ (Use the code "K1NNIEZ" to get 25% off any order with 2 or more pins.) /srs

i have a howlr profile as well but i won't leak it in here for obvious reasons sfjdklgbl. if you're curious about anything else, i'll be waiting for you in my inbox! :^)

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