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"Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke!"
79 years old
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NHGH and the Anti-"Bob"

NHGH is one of the gods, but not an Elder God. He is the son of the Goddess Nunu and HIMSELF! And the twin sister goddesses Nunu and Narnini are daughters of Eris Discordia and Jehovah 1, m;u;", and is the smiling face behind The Conspiracy.
The Anti-"Bob" (Dick Dobbs, the Unclean One, OBO, Ed) is the spawn of NHGH who will emerge in the future to lead the Bozos after X-Day. Some believe the Anti-Bob's mother will be a Bobbie Girl. Since NHGH experiences time backwards, the day when NHGH is born approaches, after which NHGH will cease to exist. And since NHGH is the force behind The Conspiracy in its fight against "Bob", he needs an heir to continue his work after he is gone.

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