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Genesis's Blog

"enjoy tobucus until I return"
69 years old
United States
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About me [Updated]

I honestly have no idea how to start this blog so I'll just get straight to the point,

Hello, my name is Genesis and I'm a girl from the United States. I joined this website back in December on a different account, and then made this one in February. I taught myself CSS in a week, and I actually really enjoy it.

(If you want to see some older pages I've made CSS for, you can find them all here: Deuteronomy

Basic information

1) My personality type is ISTJ
2) My enneagram type is 6w5
3) My alignment is neutral/chaotic evil
4) I am an introvert
5) If you asked me if I relate to any characters, I'd probably say Kishibe Rohan and Fugo Pannacotta from JJBA

Here are some of my interests:

+Anime/manga (My favorite anime is JJBA, if you couldn't tell)
+Minecraft (I don't watch any Minecraft YouTubers other than LDShadowLady)

Here are some of my favorite things:

Favorite food: General Tso's chicken, beef fried rice, chocolate lava cake
Favorite drinks: water, lemonade
Favorite animal: Cats
Favorite colors: Blue, purple, and green
Favorite movie: The Kingsman: Secret Service
Favorite school subject: Any sciences, Spanish

Here are some of my least favorite things:

Least favorite food: strawberries, fruits in general
Least favorite drinks: any carbonated drinks
Least favorite color: red
Least favorite school subject: English

Now I will just type whatever I want.

This section will mainly be for Jojo fans, but you can still read it even if you don't watch Jojo (no one is stopping you)

Despite my page having Gappy all over it, he's actually my second favorite Jojo character! My favorite character is the king himself:

Jonathan I love you so much

The ONLY time I will love a British person.

Anyways, basic Jojo fan info:

Favorite Jojos: Jonathan and Gappy
Favorite parts: 1 and 8
Favorite jobro: Yasuho Hirose
Favorite villian: Tooru
Favorite Stands: The Hand, Paisley Park, and Soft and Wet
Favorite theme: Jotaro's theme

And of course, I do enjoy other anime, so here are some of my other favorites:
+To Your Eternity
+The Saga of Tanya the Evil
+The Rising of the Shield Hero
+Berserk (1997)
(You can see all the other anime I've watched in my Anime/Manga List blog)

Super Important Stuff

+I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community
+I support BLM all the way
+I do not support sexualizing minors, real or fictional
+I do not support Trump
+If I find out you have said or done anything racist, I will block you, you aren't welcome on my page.

Contacting me

I'm always open for messages, so do not be afraid to message me :)

Note: I will not respond to vents, I have had issues with past friends constantly venting to me and I refuse to deal with that again, sorry!

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damn, thats okay i'll just eat fruit for u