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"I forget everything lol"
15 years old
United States
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About me

I literally got bored back in November and wanted to teach myself CSS and now I'm here.

Hello, my name is Lila, I'm a 15 year old girl from the United States, and I was born on July 24th. I taught myself CSS because I just felt like it, took me a three days and the inspect tool, it worked. I get bored super easily so I end up spending a bunch of my time doing CSS.

I like to watch anime, collect figures and manga, sleep, organize, play with my cat, code CSS on MySpace, and sometimes play video games (but not a lot trust me). I do a lot of research on figures because it's fun and I have nothing to do. I have many IRL friends and make good grades at school, I have a good life.

I've make CSS stuff when I'm bored because boxes on screen make my head happy.

Other stuff about me:

-My zodiac sign is Leo
-My alignment is neutral/chaotic evil
-My personality type is INTJ
-My enneagram type is 6w5
-I'm Agnostic, so I don't believe in God, but I don't deny their existence either
-I have ADHD so please be patient with me, I tend to forget things super easily
-If you ask me what anime characters I relate most to, I'd probably say Kishibe Rohan and Fugo Pannacotta tbh

But more importantly..... My favorite JoJo character is Jonathan... This page doesn't really show it, but I'm almost always thinking about him.
...And my favorite JoJo parts are parts 1 and 8.

Some of my favorite anime are:

-To Your Eternity
-Berserk (1997)
-Rising of the Shield Hero
-Samurai Champloo

Current favorite manga: JoJolion

Some of my favorite anime characters are (In no specific order):

I apologize for the large amount of Jojo charcaters here

-Yasuho Hirose (JJBA)
-Senku Ishigami (Dr.STONE)
-Tooru (JJBA)
-Dio Brando (JJBA)
-Josuke Higashikata part 8 (JJBA)
-Iwatani Naofumi (The Rising of the Sheild Hero)
-Foo Fighters (JJBA)

Favorite things:

Foods: General Tso's chicken, chocolate, nacho cheese doritos
Drink: Water, lemonade
Colors: Blue, pink, and green
Animal: Cats (especially exotic shorthairs)
Video Game: Spyro Shadow Legacy
School Subject: Biology/Spanish

Other things I like/approve of:

-Giant shoes
-Pizza Hut
-Big titty men
-Street signs
-Dio Brando (on some occasions)
-Isekai and Shounen anime
-Mozzarella sticks from Sonic
-Chocolate lava cakes from Chili's (Idgaf that they microwave them)

Things I dislike/disapprove of:

-YBC supporters (how tf can you enjoy this, it's so disgusting)
-People who sexualize minors, including ones from anime
-Yagami Yato and her supporters
-Lazy people
-Slice of life anime
-The color red
-Country music


I'm fairly active on social media so don't me afraid to contact me on any of the platforms below:

Instagram: @lila.sparkman
TikTok: @paisley.parks
MyAnimeList: @PaisleyParks
MyFigureCollection: @Paisley

Msg me anytime, I'm always open. I apologize if you message me on Instagram and I'm super dry, I've just always had a hard time talking to people online lol.

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you're cool lol