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"stupid lamb <3"
18 years old
Russian Federation
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back 2 metal <3

i have been going through a bit of an identity crises recently but in the past year or so i have been getting into metal and scene bands that i listened to a while back and even new artists!

i am absolutely losing my mind once again over bands like bmth, pierce the veil, and sleeping with sirens, but also bands like rammstein (god i was OBSESSED with rammstein from ages 9-14; it was an odd period of time). i also started listening to people like siiickbrain, poppy, and babymetal.

i am eagerly awaiting for a rock revival - from scene and emo reappearing back in culture (especially ever since mcr reunited, and with quarantine tiktok slowly bringing back hairstyles and fashion choices reminiscent of that era) but also a revival of more accessible genres like pop punk and derivatives, as seen with people like mgk, yungblud, and modsun, and especially considering all of travis barkers features.

i would absolutely kill to see halsey make a rock album, and am overall excited for a revival.

something i feel lost about is wanting to be involved in said revival, but not knowing how. zines and music videos perhaps will be my calling. <333333

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