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"hello there ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊"
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pls help if u can (´。• ᵕ

so u know how ppl here make cool profiles? from fonts colors backgrounds and even the cute mouse shapes !!! i cant focus or understand and function the videos that are trying to teach me how to do that which makes me a lil frustrated so if u can help pls do ive been struggling with this a lot and i cant seem to understand anything :((


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i kinda did get a hold of it by testing out what each thing i press does but one thing annoys me which is that it never gets the info saved!! i finished my profile in the aesthetic i liked but then it all disappeared its such a waste of effort and dimotivating!! im also not good at english my first language is actually arabic!! :3


I never undertood those video tutorials too. I learned more by myself. When you look closely it's not really hard to understand. What I do is that I search some templates by typing things like "windows 93 myspace css templates" on google and then I take some parts of the templates and modify them a little to make it look like what i want.
If you really don't understand, you can tell me what you would like your page to look like and I'll help you create it =)
(btw sorry for my english, I'm not