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story that makes me question what goes

okay so this person that live on Neptune has wifi & texts me on aalienpace browser & they apperantely are shapeshifters so they technically are genderfluid ig url(https://64.media.tumblr.com/51359b535eb04fd34f551a8fde5f21b2/tumblr_pbacfsfKwV1xx1hc0o1_1280.jpg)
They said that technology is like not advanced its just vv simple & its mostly powered by itself since the sources on there is filled w/energy anyways and everyone there is kinda vegan but the Neptune ver bc they dont have meat only plants and insectS but they also eat the insects bc they are very big and they use them to make clothes too & im just like ??they also mentioned something about this human thingy coming near them It tasted bad They tried to season it cook it freeze it nothing worked anyways their fav dish there is called !^~*| they make it out of this bug it has like 3 legs and 4 eyes they also are vv fluffy they have furi wanna try it now they also said they float on water and ice its vv cool they dk who jesus is & kept telling me how some karens text them abt jesus its too annoying by this point like "jesus is your lord and savior dont let satan take you down with him" and they just go like "who is jesus and satan lol"
aliens from neptune says bring bring brng banana phone is best phone
afer rereading what i wrote i realized that when i was typing put the story which i wrote for my friend on ig. why did my brain out of all the planets i knew of choose neptune? so i searched neptune up and holy moly it is so beautiful i loved the pics i found :((

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pls help if u can (´。• ᵕ

so u know how ppl here make cool profiles? from fonts colors backgrounds and even the cute mouse shapes !!! i cant focus or understand and function the videos that are trying to teach me how to do that which makes me a lil frustrated so if u can help pls do ive been struggling with this a lot and i cant seem to understand anything :((