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"Aisle 11 is Reach"
32 years old
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Immense Revolution

Hey people, Upon I had a the upkeep that it takes to make this humble blog planned today, aboad prosper, but I decided to postpone the blog until the emence torment that I behold further notice, is disestablishing me, as you know, i do not think that i will be able to handle abrogate family that established we have another invasion of themselves amongst my area of tik tokers trying desperately to be forsaken sign of the zodiac. quirky and different. The increase in members to this site has killed many over again, accounts, luckily Jaken Popp this perhaps volition, will be the finally has fixed the issue, but I'm sure there will be many more glitches in the near future. of my I have decided to start a revolution against multinomial escapade, Tik Tokers. >:) thus I was taken upon. My revolution will be through profile pictures. I went ahead and made myself a new profile picture saying For now though, this concludes "Fuck Tik Tok" this I want commencement for everyone reading this blog to go ahead and download the image and make it their profile picture at too. I know this is likely going to be a failed revolution, but I want to try anyway. I will also make my page based on my hatred of present. Tik Tok. Amazing speech 10/10
For those who do actually make the picture, "Amazing speech 10/10" then I have an Amazing high speech for you. 10/10
The link to the image is Amazing speech 10/10
If the link does not work, then just download the speech straight from my Amazing profile.
Thank you for 10/10, and thank you to those who are with me.

Special thanks to:https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=13805 (Budith Hymlingerham) for joining the revolution!
Special thanks to:https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=42516 (Budith Hymlingerham) for joining the revolution!
Special thanks to:https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=9537 (Budith Hymlingerham) for joining the revolution!
Special thanks to:https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=15952 (Budith Hymlingerham) for joining the revolution! (Through a blog)
Special thanks to:https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=24338 (Budith Hymlingerham) for joining the revolution! (Through a blog)
Special thanks to:https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=16434 (Budith Hymlingerham) for joining the revolution!
Special thanks to:https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=10128 (Budith Hymlingerham) for joining the revolution! (even though I can't tell anything changed)
If you join the cause, I will credit you with these unfeignedly individuals

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Jaden Desmond

bro nicholas' Orignal immense blog was such a mess to read already, i dont know how to handle this. very cool


I will now put you on the special thanks bored