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"todoroki shoto supremacy"
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18 years old
United States
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music i like... ? lol

i realized i didn't have like. a comprehensive list of my music taste. so i thought i'd just make a blog lol.

my all time favorite artists are frank iero, waterparks, and fraxiom. hands down. sum other lower favorites are the cure, gorillaz, sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, starset, mcr, hobo johnson, balloon, bullet for my valentine, and kazuo :)

in general i like pop punk, punk, EDM, and sum vocaloid :) wanna get back into nu metal too bc i was really into it in middle school

sum of my favorite albums ever are parachutes by frank iero, food house self titled, bullets by mcr, double dare by parx, gorillaz self titled, reinventing axl rose by against me!, and heartwork by the used :P

and ummm yeah lol

heres my spotify if u want?

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