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"todoroki shoto supremacy"
Trans Man
18 years old
United States
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putting my DNI here so people actually read it (maybe) because i've had a lot of people send requests when they obviously didn't read my dni lol

  1. basic DNI criteria - no racists, homophobes, misogynists, etc
  2. under 14 - personally it makes me uncomfortable to friend ppl who i wouldn't be friends with/talk to irl. i will not accept or add if your age isn't public somewhere on your page. i totally respect just putting minor, but u also have to respect it makes me uncomfortable - so 101 year olds please stop requesting :")
  3. transmeds, exlusionists, anti-neopronouns, etc. does not extend to bi/pan lesbians or gays.
  4. pro ship, pro fiction, anti anti, loli/shota-con, don't believe fiction affects reality, etc
  5. republicans
  6. dream smp fans
  7. western fujoshis and non-mlm/nblm who read yaoi (not BL, thats chill)

some discomforts of mine too, bc they might be necessary... i'll still interact w these, but i would just prefer not to talk about them if we message :) they're not triggers or anything, they just make me uncomfortable lol

  1. mcyt in general (not minecraft itself tho)
  2. FuyuPeko and NaeGiri (especially FuyuPeko, please don't talk to me about it)
  3. overhaul and endeavor
  4. "waifus" and "husbandos"
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