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"todoroki shoto supremacy"
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music i like... ? lol

i realized i didn't have like. a comprehensive list of my music taste. so i thought i'd just make a blog lol.

my all time favorite artists are frank iero, waterparks, and fraxiom. hands down. sum other lower favorites are the cure, gorillaz, sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, starset, mcr, hobo johnson, balloon, bullet for my valentine, and kazuo :)

in general i like pop punk, punk, EDM, and sum vocaloid :) wanna get back into nu metal too bc i was really into it in middle school

sum of my favorite albums ever are parachutes by frank iero, food house self titled, bullets by mcr, double dare by parx, gorillaz self titled, reinventing axl rose by against me!, and heartwork by the used :P

and ummm yeah lol

heres my spotify if u want?

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thinking about changing my theme to a genshin theme ................ i still have bnha brainrot but since i have to wait SO LONG for a new ep my genshin brainrot is getting worse than my bnha brainrot :O

what about a like. greenish... genshin theme... something that kinda matches my carrd... i wanna proclaim my love for bennett, kaeya, and xiao >.<

(i have this theme in a google doc anyway so its not like i'd lose tons of work lol)

also thinking about making a css testing account... maybe i'll make some free css pastes too lol

edit: made the test page! here it is! friend if u want lolzor :)

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putting my DNI here so people actually read it (maybe) because i've had a lot of people send requests when they obviously didn't read my dni lol

  1. basic DNI criteria - no racists, homophobes, misogynists, etc
  2. under 14 - personally it makes me uncomfortable to friend ppl who i wouldn't be friends with/talk to irl. i will not accept or add if your age isn't public somewhere on your page. i totally respect just putting minor, but u also have to respect it makes me uncomfortable - so 101 year olds please stop requesting :")
  3. transmeds, exlusionists, anti-neopronouns, etc. does not extend to bi/pan lesbians or gays.
  4. pro ship, pro fiction, anti anti, loli/shota-con, don't believe fiction affects reality, etc
  5. republicans
  6. dream smp fans
  7. western fujoshis and non-mlm/nblm who read yaoi (not BL, thats chill)

some discomforts of mine too, bc they might be necessary... i'll still interact w these, but i would just prefer not to talk about them if we message :) they're not triggers or anything, they just make me uncomfortable lol

  1. mcyt in general (not minecraft itself tho)
  2. FuyuPeko and NaeGiri (especially FuyuPeko, please don't talk to me about it)
  3. overhaul and endeavor
  4. "waifus" and "husbandos"
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songs ive used !!

i find myself changing my mp3 a lot because i get tired of hearing it when im editing my css so i decided i wanted to keep a running list of all the songs ive used lol :)

  • stay (my chemical romance)
  • the scene is dead; long live the scene (cobra starship)
  • aigetsu tettou (balloon)
  • pokkan color (kikuo)
  • dizzy (waterparks)
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CSS pastebins !

i wanted to help ppl who were struggling with CSS because that was also me ! hence why my page took actual months to finish. anyway, i broke it down into basic CSS and extra stuff. here you go!

basic CSS // extra CSS

also, don't feel the need to credit me. this is just laying out basic code - i didn't create CSS lol

also also, i think it would be cool to do custom CSS like some other people do... would anyone want custom CSS? i was thinking about doing fandom specific CSS (so like danganronpa theme, haikyuu theme, etc) since i don't see that a lot and i think it's cool ! idk just a thought lmao

edit: i just realized that the extra CSS paste was private !! so sorry lmao it should be fixed now :")

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manga read list :v


  • cowboy bebop
  • beastars
  • umibe no etranger
  • high speed!
  • claudine...!
  • welcome to the madness
  • all of the k proj mangas
  • bungou stray dogs
  • given
  • bj alex
  • reiwa hanamaru gakuen
  • i had that same dream again
  • orange


  • parasyte
  • deadman wonderland
  • persona 5
  • black butler
  • chainsaw man

want to read ;(

  • shimanami tasogara
  • go for it, nakamura!
  • cells at work! code black
  • deathnote
  • the enigma at amigata fault
  • gunnm
  • ouran high school host club
  • vinland saga
  • the promised neverland
  • toilet bound hanako-kun
  • neon genesis evangelion
  • the k project novels
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anime watchlist :)


  • deathnote
  • parasyte the maxim
  • k project
  • cowboy bebop
  • black butler
  • balance:unlimited
  • neon genesis evangelion
  • haikyuu!!
  • bungou stray dogs
  • free!
  • given
  • yuri!!! on ice
  • cells at work!
  • aggretsuko
  • my hero academia
  • sk8 the infinity
  • jujutsu kaisen
  • wonder egg priority


  • hunterxhunter
  • jojo's bizarre adventures (part 2)
  • soul eater
  • your lie in april
  • ouran high school host club
  • assassination classroom

others that ive seen but didnt finish

  • sword art online (only watched s1)
  • attack on titan (still havent watched s3...)
  • demon slayer (watched like half of it)
  • the case files of jeweler richard (never finished the last two eps)
  • food wars (i watched two eps, found out they were 15, and dropped it immediately)
  • full metal alchemist (ive only seen parts of brotherhood lol)
  • kuroko no basket (i think i watched all of s1)
  • woodpecker detective's office (also watched half of it)

want to watch!!

  • wave!
  • no. 6
  • number24
  • run with the wind
  • re:zero
  • banana fish
  • the disastrous life of saiki k
  • devilman crybaby
  • kakegurui
  • death parade
  • psycho-pass
  • devilman
  • a silent voice
  • FLCL
  • mod psycho 100
  • ghost in the shell
  • sailor moon
  • mobile suit gundam
  • kimi no na wa
  • i want to eat your pancreas
  • darwin's game
  • kids on the slope
  • tsurune
  • mekakucity actors
  • le portrait de petit cossette
  • yamishibai
  • mirai nikki
  • dakaichi
  • gansta
  • doukyuusei
  • stairs align
  • high rise invasion
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kins + comforts :3

in order from highest to lowest :)

  • sugawara koushi (haikyuu!)
  • yata misaki (k project)
  • makoto naegi (danganronpa)
  • amajiki tamaki (my hero academia)
  • katsuki yuuri (yuri!!! on ice)
  • tendou satori (haikyuu!)
  • 2D (gorillaz)
  • mondo owada (danganronpa)
  • asuka langley soryu (neon genesis evangelion)
  • denki kaminari (my hero academia)
  • mikan tsumiki (danganronpa)
  • semi eita (haikyuu!)
  • kensuke aida (neon genesis evangelion)

comfort characters too , just for funzies (and in no particular order)

  • bokuto koutarou (haikyuu!)
  • fuyuhiko kuzuryu (danganronpa)
  • byakuya togami (danganronpa)
  • nakahara chuuya (bungou stray dogs)
  • kanji tatsumi (persona 4)
  • yosuke hanamura (persona 4)
  • the shishigumi (beastars)
  • grell sutcliff (black butler)
  • mickey milkovich (shameless)

some random comfort things

  • parachutes by frank iero
  • dan & phil
  • yuri!!! on ice
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