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19 years old
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Gender Bouquet & Envy


  • they/them
  • e/em
  • ue/uem


gender envy

  • general
  • voices [note: all of these are essentially the same. they're very similar in pitch and everything but they're all different voices. i include tons of examples because everyone sounds different! so i'm imagining my own voice & speech patterns as they are now, but within the same range/same gender as these voices.]
    • the voice that said "youre supposed to be my lab partner," https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSv55ex2/
    • english dub for rei batsubami [kakegurui]
    • https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSXG4JB9/
    • https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSVtp4LK/
      the look i'm going for
    • "is that a girl? i can't tell?" // this is how i feel about myself & i want to express this outwardly as well. i'd like to be able to pass as both a cis woman and as completely androgynous, depending on what i wear.
    • haruhi fujioka.. if she does nothing and exists in her natural state, everyone assumes shes a boy. BUT if she does as little as just. puts on earrings or somethin, ppl think shes a girl! so its very easy for her to do either one. same thing for rei batsubami, kinda. i know they're anime characters so its unrealistic but idc thats what i wanna be
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