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today was okay.

i went to the dentist, which is something i always get nervous for. i hate when they stick their fingers in my mouth after touching something else (like a keyboard or pen) but i handled it pretty well. i just made sure not to swallow the whole time and then when the appointment was over i asked for some mouthwash so i could disinfect.

when i got home i smoked weed as a reward and ate a lot of chocolate ! so i guess today was a net positive. i also ordered edibles which should come in a few days.

tomorrow will be busy for me. i have to

  • find a school to study abroad
  • clean my mice's cage
  • clean my room
  • pick up a package from my friend's house
  • buy seaweed and ramen

i've been going to bed earlier lately. usually i go at 4am but i've been trying to sleep around 2:30-3:00am! i love being nocturnal because the house is quiet at night and i like to avoid my parents, but i'll have to start waking up early again for school, which starts next week 。:゚(。ﹷ ‸ ﹷ ✿)

goodnight everyone! and thank you to everyone who commented on my profile today, i really appreciate interacting with you !!!

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