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septum piercing (& picture of me)

hi lol, um idk what to write for blogs and shit so im just going to type meaningless stuff. its 12:40 am, i pierced my septum today knowing that my dad didn't give me permission. but i was really thinking about it, and like who says i need permission to pierce MY body? and it's literally a PIERCING and doesn't affect my dad in anyway. so i pierced it and had it flipped up and shit because i was prepared to hide it for hella long, but then i was like no <3. so i showed my dad and thats my bestie so obvi he wasn't angry. my step mom hates it lol. but she's not my mom and she has absolutely no say over what i do to my body as far as piercings go and other shit. but yea, he likes my piercing and that's all that matters >:(
he said "no more piercings for a while" and i was like yeah lol no more, knowing im finna pierce my ear after this heals for the most part LMFAOA. but its ok its my EAR, i wanna do my own helix because i have a kit or wtv. but yes ill paste the image. https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img922/8805/jXzmzx.png

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damn i need to get me a piecing too 😫


omg thank you !!


looks sick!