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"fuck bitches get money"
13 years old
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music taste

even though my spotify is in the bio i wanna get my fav artists across !!

obviously i LOVE SZA, i love summer walker and jhene aiko. I listen to a lot of underground r&b artists too but those are my main ones.
i love aaron may, bryson tiller, (old) drake (before his scorpion album), GIVEON OMG ONE OF MY FAVS, brent faiyaz and daniel caesar ugh i could go on forever but next category.
my music taste revolves around r&b/soul music but its not limited to that, i love everything except for country lol.
i love emo rap, shit like $not, nightlovell, city morgue, denzel curry, BLIND.SEE, craig xen, kid trunks, lil peep, ghostmane, gizmo, xavier wulf, pouya :) theres a bunch more
oh and i also love pierce the veil, im getting more into that type of music lately so if any of you guys have recommendations comment !! (oh and random but Cigarettes after sex i LOVE them)
i also love japanese music things like Miki Mastubara, Anri, Yuri Tanaka... its like um idk the genre name specifically but its sorta club shit and hella groovy so i mess wit a lot.
i LOVE 90's music like tupac, biggie, ice cube, snoop, nate dogg, and warren g, that type of music yk? and ofc the r&b like aaliyah, tlc, faith evans, xscape, keyshia cole, erykah badu, cherish, mary j. blige, that type of music is literally my SOUL
idrk how to put it but i call it my "hood music" lol, bc it makes me feel a lil gangsta ngl. artists like Bris, shoreline mafia, kodak black, Azchike, yogotti, nef the pharaoh, chris king and way more. theres still a lot more but this is all i can remember right now lol, just look at my spotify if you want more music too !! i have like 30 playlists LMAO
im gonna stop typing now bc this is getting lenghty lol, but if you have read all the way down to here you're amazing !!
bye homies :3

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