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"smoke grass, attend class, eat ass, live fast"
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good list of fanfics ive read:

i dont read much but here is an ongoing list of fanfics ive read and what they are about (all on wattpad):

folie a deux by adrenalineparty - frerard fanfic (gerard way and frank iero):
i havent finished it yet but so far its pretty good. it has like 31 chapters and im on chapter 7 or sumthing, its pretty long as is 9decent sized chapters). it doesnt have any smut (yet) and the writing is actually good and it feels like a professionally published book.

moods/phan by phanci - phanfic (dan howell and phil lester):
i havent finished this yet either, also on chapter 7, theres 25 chapters to this. its based in a world where everyone has these sims-like bubbles above their heads that has an icon to represent their emotions, except dan doesnt have one. he just has a line above his head, no one can explain it and it just doesnt change which is crazy cuz everyone has one. phil becomes his friend cuz he wants to figure out why and thats all ive gotten so far. the writing in this is pretty good also.

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