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"smoke grass, attend class, eat ass, live fast"
14 years old
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first blog ~ intro

hey! my name is devin chaos (i go by dev chaos, enbies amirite?) but you can just call me dev XD.

my entire personality is summed up in two words: coordinated chaos. like everything i do is so chaotic but my fucking perfectionism is like "bitch no, lets do this chaotically but sophisticated" which makes no fucking sense but that's who i am!

i have a crippling addiction: obsession to the following things:

~ my chemical romance
~ monster energy drinks (khaotic is my fav flavor currently)
~ the internet, doing things just because its deemed cringey or childish (cuz fuck society) such as enjoying children shows or t4Lk1nG L1K3 th15 XD!
~ making and trading kandi
~ probs a lot more shit but my adhd brain is all over the place so i'm sure im forgetting half my interests-

anyway, yea thats me! add me if ya think i'm cool and send me messages plz! cya <3

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