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"smoke grass, attend class, eat ass, live fast"
14 years old
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3am b0r3d0m (edit 3)

its currently 2:42 am and im bored as s h i t. i wrote down some song lyrics for a song im writing for my band. rn im working on a song called cranberry cocaine. just yea im bored and have nothing else to do and im not that active here so i decided to post. imma make this an ongoing thing so when i get bored at 3am any night i can come here and edit and vibe so yea. peace.

currently 4:33am but id say that still applies. i need to be awake in 4 hours for school and i keep contemplating staying up or just passing out. if i go to sleep i probs wont wake up in time, if i stay up i might crash when i need to do skool. indecisive whore mode activate lmao.

its exactly 3am and i just revamped my whole fucking myspace page. i also met my myspace spouse, willow today lmao (https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=53871) <333!!! i have literally nothing to do tomorrow other than clean my room and copy my french notes into a neater binder i have. skools a bitch. but education is sexy lmao. anyway imma go be a nerd somewhere else, peace!

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