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clountown's Blog

100 years old
United States
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DNI (do not interact) IF:

-gore/sexual topics/occasional venting is a trigger!!!
-you support are/you support MAPS
-ur transphobic, homophobic, racist, or anything of the sort.
-ur a bootlicker
-you used to make fun of alternative kids in your school and now think it's cool cause it's trendy :/
-you're into ddlg... god please,, s t a y a w a y (no, i'm not talking about age regressors, just the ddlg fuckers)
-you support tr*mp. i will kick the shit out of you.
-are over the age of 20 or under the age of 14 (especially if ur under 14 because i'm 16 and i talk about gore/sexual topics on my page)
-ur a performative activist :/
-you say "go they/them go!" "gentlethem" "m'theydy" "smol bean" "soft boi" y'all make me SICK y'all make me wanna bLEHHHHHH
-you make fun of babybats/new people in the scene who aren't just here for the trend and just don't know things cause they're getting started
-you're a spooky kid or "mallgoth" (i don't mean the style, this is literally just directed at spooky kids) ,,, yikes...
-you won't/don't respect neopronouns,, fuck off!
-you sexualize underage characters (idc if they're fictional,, they're still children)
-you can't respect my interests, favorite bands, etc. (most bands/artists in the alternative scene has said or done something offensive at some point. get the fuck over it. i'm not defending their words or actions, i'm just saying that i'm not gonna not listen to one of my favorite artists just because you think they're "controversial")
-you are prolife
-you support ICE and/or refer to undocumented people as "aliens" or "illegals". I'm fucking Dominican, i will not let that shit slide
-you like bob bryar or bryan starz.... seriously gtfo <3

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These r good dnis