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""Make ur hair so big its like a wig!""
15 years old
United States
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Talking About Myself <33

I'm gonna start writing here as a sort of diary so that you guys can get to know meh better x3 Anywayz I got really excited 2day, like I had to physically calm myself down lolol About 2 months ago I asked my Parentz if I could get snake bitez 4 my 16th Birthday and they said YES!!!! LIKE WHAAA???!!?!??!?! Anywayz I literally had a dream last night about going and getting them pierced and I waz sooo disappointed when I woke up without them lolz BUT soon I will, My birthday is in like a month and I'm getting them THE day I turn 16 so I'll stay updated. Other than that there isn't much more going on, my best friendz are coming over for a few dayzz so that's exciting and overall I'm just in such a good mood and I hope you guys are too, and if you're not I hope you feel better soon and I'm sending all the positivity your way! Have a nice day guyz!!1

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