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"Artists are not products."
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Go watch Interstella 5555!

M-Maybe there are people that have watched it before or that have watched clips of it on our music videos, but maybe a lot of people d-don't. So I have a movie recomendation! Back in 2001 me and my fwiend Guy-man went to Japan to meet Leiji Matsumoto because we wanted to make a movie with him, and it was special be-because it has no dialogue and we made the soundtrack of it! An-And basically it's our "Discovery" album that maybe you would have heard about it! The movie is really cool and meaningful if you-you look carefully. S-So don't waste any time and go watch it! It-It's really worth to watch! I would be grateful if you comment if-if you liked the movie or not! <: -TB3


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