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coming out (discussion)

so i just saw this image on coming out and it made me think...

i dont have the chance to do that. i feel like it's a really big difference between coming out as gay (i say gay as an umbrella term, which includes any kind of sexuality that's not straight, like bi/pan, lesbian, ace/aro, and all the others i cant remember) and coming out as trans (same w this one, for this discussion it encompasses anyone that isn't cis). bc when youre gay, you can just come home one day w your partner and see what happens, hopefully you'll get support from your family but you can essentially treat it the same as being straight. you also could like, not even present your partner to you family and skip all that stuff. you could literally hide forever and no one would care that much.

being trans however, unless you're already an adult and living somewhere else, not really planning on seeing your parents/family in a long time or ever again, you cant do that. like id love not to have to tell my parents im trans (not bc they wouldn't accept me im just a coward), but if i ever want to like, be comfortable in my own body while still a teenager, i have to. if i get a binder behind their back they'll prob notice that suddenly the boob gone for some amount of time yk. for getting on hormones i need parental permission and also go to another city bc there's no such thing here on my own. if i want them to recognize me in the future ill need to tell them so they wont just be confused when seemingly a stranger calls them out and says "hey it's me, your son" lmao. it's a completely different issue i feel like. idk i just made this bc im too scared to come out to my parents and possibly trying to justify it. ive been feeling pretty bad and hopeless about it recently.

anyways cool chat.

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you're not a coward, it's a scary thing to do ): i hope things really do sort themselves out..