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17 years old
United States
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I have a bf :3

valentine's day went great we been dating for 4 months ^-^ <3

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valentine's day

I'm seeing my crush on valentine's day hehehe

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feeling good

I genuinely think I am making insane progress in terms of my mental health. I just feel like I've finally begun to shed the burdens and guards I placed upon myself when I was younger. I feel lighter these days. I don't have to fear that I will be abandoned again, and that is a revelation I haven't yet finished celebrating. don't get me wrong the world is still going to shit but at least I can control myself and continue to grow as a person.

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oversharing abt my love life!!!!!!

so I've realized that I have an unfortunate habit of falling for my male best friends :( the last time this happened I was left yearning and obsessed for like three years, it was awful. I like to think I've matured since then but I can feel it happening again, it's literally terrible. It's a good thing that at least now I can recognize it's happening. we haven't even been able to see each other in like a month and yet that still wasn't enough to make me chill out. I think instead it just made me start to obsessively check my phone all the time, which I hate. he's not even in a good place for a relationship and clearly I'm not either, but I kinda thought that if I just waited it out maybe I'd have a chance but honestly that was really silly of me to think. I've thought about it a lot recently and I think it'd be best if I try to move on. I don't think it'll be as difficult as it was last time because this friend isn't an asshole who sends mixed signals constantly lolll

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Procrastinating :P

I've been procrastinating on a 500 word paper due tomorrow,,, I was supposed to start working on it at 6pm lmfao ended up working on css instead. idk why I do this to myself I could've actually gotten 9 hours of sleep tonight :/// I'll probably skip lunch and just sleep instead.

has anyone ever tried putting shredded cheese in their ramen?? that shi good af.

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Hrmmmm Work

I got work at 4 today :( the greatest tragedy in my life is that I've become a cog in the machine I seek to destroy. I also have art school homework that I forgot to do,,, it's due monday so we'll see how that goes lol

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