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"女の赤ちゃん "
18 years old
United Kingdom
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♡ well hecc ♡

guess who's 18 on the 18th :P

fuck that's scary

u all owe me a drink now LMAO jokes <3

nah but honestly, i have no idea what to do, please leave ideas <3

i am t e r r i f i e d of growing old, i don't want to be an adult :)

k baiiii thxx ♡

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Blue <3

growing old is shit <3

i hate this already lmao, take me back :')

Nah Dude

yooo late happy birthday!!!! :D
I kinda agree with Loserman, for me being 18 was eh. For some reason I feel like being 19 has been cooler. It's the perfect balance between being young and irresponsible and being old enough to make your own decisions. I'm about to turn 20 now that shit scares me. Imagine not being a teen anymore wtf.
not much we can do about it tho except our best to counteract the downsides of being an adult while still staying responsible


turning 18 is scary as shit )': hurry up and be a kid while u still can (go to a park and terrorise some bloody kids)


Being 18 is eh, at least here in america. You're not even old enough to drink here :((( I still do it anyways, but still, you can't go to bars, strip clubs, clubs, etc if you're not 21, hell you usually can't even step foot in them unless they do a college night or you maybe have connections, or you can do the whole fake id thing.