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R.I.P. Horse Isle, my childhood game

In 2007, www.horseisle.com was open to the public, it was an innocent multiplayer puzzle game with some horse training involved with it. In 2009 there were 100 Daily new accounts and 1000 Total Players. Horse Isle 2 came out in 2010, but did not feel the same, your horses could die, the puzzles were brutal and chat was very limited, so most people still played Horse Isle. In 2012, the Horse Isle fan base dropped big due to the Eternal update in Horse Isle 2, where Horse Isle-style mechanics came to the new game. There was 7 years of silence to Horse Isle until Adobe announced the killing of Flash, causing the fanbase of 10 people to cry. Now there is Horse Isle 3-D, a remake of Horse Isle 1 and 2 combined that is buggy and unfinished.

R.I.P. Horse Isle, its the most fun I had as a kid

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exactly what Jaden said

Jaden Desmond

I understand this feeling. there are many fun and interesting games just like this that are now lost to time, it is sad but at least we remember them and can keep them with us in our brains.