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"Waiting for school to be out u__u"
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July 24, 2020

Today was my first day off of work after I did my first 3 days of training/work. It was nice but I felt weird? Since I felt like I had to start getting ready for work at 4 pm but I didn't have to so I felt like I was rushing stuff when I didn't have to. But I cleaned my room up a lot and I hung out with the GAL! (I will write about her later >:-) if she's okay with it) But I had a lot of fun with her and we watched 'The L Word" and had some yummy tuna salad sandwiches and ice cream sandwiches :-) which my family found absolutely disgusting! They were really yummy though so I will definitely add them to the list of meals I like. But I am trying to learn CSS (and HTML because I want to make an actual website later on after I'm satisfied with this) which is a lot of fun but it's also frustrating >:-0 I spent an hour figuring out how to make a red gradient background for my mp3 LOL.

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your family found tuna salad sandwiches gross? they must've NEVER had them bc they are SO GOOD

Jaden Desmond

read my css swag blog if you need css help