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"Waiting for school to be out u__u"
17 years old
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I am so excited for today. I don't know why... Hmm if I had to guess I would say that I am just feeling good internally and externally? I dressed up today as a coping mech/self-care. I find that when I am stressed or really needing to just let it all out that I clean a lot and take time to make myself look and feel good! I also usually listen to music as I do so. One song that I am obsessed with right now is...
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Pale Machine - bo en ♥
I discovered it from another song of theirs which is really popular in the Omori fandom. But they have a great sound to everything that they do! I really like the song :-) Reminds me of nice breezy spring days where you are just sitting outside in the sun? Ahh makes my heart warm!
The only thing left to do with my Myspace is changing the mp3, don't get me wrong, I love $B but I just need something else to make it feel whole! y'know?
I think everything is going okay right now though. I am just trying to still catch up in College Algebra (28 days behind...) and I'm trying to do something my therapist told me about the first time I met her, which was to do 3 things every day that are WANTS! Not needs, to-dos, or responsibilities. But things that you want to do. Like playing your favorite video games or watching your favorite youtuber! So the things I have been doing as wants are playing Omori, watching Demon Slayer, and investing time in nostalgic stuff! Like mlp, lps, and carebears! I also recently have decided to paint a shelf of mine pastel colors! I'm excited for it to be done, I'm painting this big thing with a small brush which is pretty time consuming!
Anywho, I'm hoping that the rest of this day goes well and that it is fun! Obviously, I would prefer to not be at school or to be in cold classrooms with stale food but you know what? You gotta make the most out of your situation and that's what I'm trying to do!

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