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"hewoo :#"

13 years old
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Song: BABYMETAL - ギミチョコ- Gimme chocolate!! (OFFICIAL)

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About me:

hi im kimi

i like jjba, danganronpa, and bandori
haha,,, im pan
it would be cool if you could add me on disc !
KIMI 4877

i play roblox, minecraft, and animal crossing !!!!
my roblox user is k_wiu and my gamertag is kyrakimi, if u want my java name its chutai :D
i like 100gecs, the scary jokes, skrillex, and ALOT OF JJBA MUSIC !!!
CREDIT TO: https://myspace.windows93.net/blog.php?id=5778&b=2 FOR THE LAYOUT
i dont rlly mind any aesthetic, tho i rlly want to dress goth, cottagecore, or scenecore... too bad im a lil too short on money fo that
havent logged on ever since, sorry if i havent responded :(
i guess u can say im still in my warrior cats, homestuck, vocaloid, and minecraft phase ://
i accept everyone :D
well cya!!

Who I'd like to meet:

friends (aka u!!!)

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i was gonna ask if u still wanted help w ur profile but 😳😳 it looks so cool i think uve figured it out alrdy 😎😎


hwo do i edit my profile WAAAAAA