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"emos love pink too"

16 years old
United States
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Song: Im Not Okay My Chemical Romance

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About me:

i'm always editing my myspace
i like using old words like "rad" "nifty" and "gnarly" why?? i dunno they're just rly cool and things that are outdated need more recognition, it was cool for a reason yeah?
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/798122596704583731/818614637905575966/Danganronpa_2_Island_Mode_Nagito_Komaeda_Pixel_Icon_28729.gif ⇡ my favorite anime character on this planet
some of my other favs:
☆ Kokichi Ouma ☆ Tanjiro Kamado ☆ Ray ☆ Rika Kawai ☆ Sniper Mask ☆ Victor Nikiforov ☆ Itachi Uchiha ☆ Izaya Orihara ☆Benimaru Shinmon ☆ Hibana ☆ Shinra Kusakabe ☆ Masaomi Kida ☆ L ☆ Light Yagami ☆ Obanai Iguro ☆ Kakashi Hatake ☆
⇡ one of my favorite anime movies .. this had me crying
some of my favorite anime:
☆ Death Note ☆ Durarara!! ☆ High-Rise Invasion ☆ Naruto ☆ Kimetsu No Yaiba ☆ Yuri On Ice ☆ Tokyo Ghoul ☆ Your Name ☆ Plastic Memories ☆ The Danganronpa Series ☆ Erased ☆ Deadman Wonderland ☆ Devilman Crybaby ☆ Jujutsu Kaisen ☆
might add more in the future!
ok but who am i??? right.
the name's ryo and i go by she/they sooo yeah if you ever inbox me (which you totally should) just remember that you gotta act like we're already childhood best friends
ALSO. i love music
some of my top artists are (versatile):
☆ Mother Mother ☆ Bryson Tiller ☆ Melanie Martinez ☆ Mixed Matches ☆ The Birthday Massacre ☆ The Cure ☆ Korn ☆ Mindless Self Indulgence ☆ Kittie ☆ Fall Out Boy ☆ Pop Smoke ☆ Trippie Redd ☆ My Chemical Romance ☆ The Weeknd ☆ Giveon ☆ Brent Faiyaz ☆

Who I'd like to meet:

i wanna meet people who are:
➸ anime lovers
➸ alt kidsss
➸ ppl who hate math
➸ music lovers
➸ completely different from me

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heyy thanks for the add!! your page is really cool!! <3


thanks for checking out my band, I'm glad you like it! ^^


lov ur profile, its cuteee


Thanks 4 the add!