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Byakuya Togami

"Go away, peasant."

20 years old
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Song: 05 You're Gonna Get It [Alternate Version]

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I hate everything.

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dazai osamu

fistfight me and we'll find out

dazai osamu

"I have better things to do" yeah CRY because you know you're not going to win

dazai osamu

fistfight me in hopes peak carpark DONT bring makoto

edgar valden

Edgar Valden is a young man with a petite build and peach-toned skin. His light brown hair is styled with short bangs across his forehead and longer ones in front of his ears. In the back, he has a short ponytail, in a style typical to European aristocracy. He has a pair of light blue eyes with a single stitch on each side, representing eyelashes.

He wears a tattered and paint-stained red cloak with a bow and a matching beret. His shirt is white, with paint stains on the cuffs, and a tear on his right shoulder and left elbow. He wears cuffed grey trousers held up by light brown suspenders, and a pair of mismatched brown boots. Both boots lace up the front and are tied with a bow, but the right boot reaches his knee while his left one only reaches mid-calf. Under the shorter boot, he wears a tall white sock.