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"whore <3"

16 years old
United States
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Song: Spooktune

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About me:

matching with valden and moonsio
stream I bet on losing dogs by mitski
deceased, I am a ghost

Who I'd like to meet:

Woman/enby gonta gokuhara kinnies hit me up!!!

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hello segsy 🥶🥶🥶

edgar valden

Edgar Valden is a young man with a petite build and peach-toned skin. His light brown hair is styled with short bangs across his forehead and longer ones in front of his ears. In the back, he has a short ponytail, in a style typical to European aristocracy. He has a pair of light blue eyes with a single stitch on each side, representing eyelashes.

He wears a tattered and paint-stained red cloak with a bow and a matching beret. His shirt is white, with paint stains on the cuffs, and a tear on his right shoulder and left elbow. He wears cuffed grey trousers held up by light brown suspenders, and a pair of mismatched brown boots. Both boots lace up the front and are tied with a bow, but the right boot reaches his knee while his left one only reaches mid-calf. Under the shorter boot, he wears a tall white sock.

edgar valden