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"Thanks for pissing on isle five, loser!"

18 years old
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About me:

http://dl.glitter-graphics.com/pub/903/903936nuro58mx3d.gif http://dl.glitter-graphics.com/pub/189/189305o6yqbpv8yv.jpg
welcome to the local gas station convience shop which is my profile lmao
my name is kee and i like 2 make art, drink fucktonz of pepsi, make stupid jokes and play video games on a daily basis along with making techno beetz
http://dl.glitter-graphics.com/pub/1153/1153451lfpuaxv4nn.jpg i work at the gas stop 24/7 and i make 200 bucks at the end of the week. i deal with boys shitting on mah clean floor on isle 9 but i like to hit em with barbie dollz when that happens lol
if u like mah page then feel free to add me >:P
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/473578002618253323/624323246795259945/bitchy.gif http://dl.glitter-graphics.com/pub/903/903936nuro58mx3d.gif

Who I'd like to meet:

running with scissors, cascada and my fave artists jhonen vasquez and david firth or anybubby that has the same radical interests as me, but if u wanna meet me just 2 sniff my cat ears then GTFO WE DON'T SELL SHRIMPS HERE, dis is a gas station convience store

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