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69 years old
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Song: the soothing sound of 14 pitched down crying babies

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I fucking love the minecraft bee The minecraft bee is the only thing that gets me off anymore. Normal porn just won't cut it, I swear. I can get it up, but NEVER cum. No matter how hard I try. So I've gotta switch tabs, go to e621 and search minecraft bee. I just wanna be normal, but it's so hard- little cute minecraft bees are just so fucking hot. I imagine dominating them while they squeal in pleasure-Fuck, I'm hard just typing this. Of course, I'll jack to any minecraft creature. It's all just so fucking hot. I can only get off to the bee anymore, but that's ok, you know? But am I a furry? Of course not. Jacking off to the minecraft bee doesn't make me a furry, I just really wanna fuck it. I can cum in a minimum of 2 minutes

Who I'd like to meet:

ice age baby

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