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"y'all.. i think im bi- WOU POGGERS"

13 years old
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Song: IC3PEAK - Грустная Сука _ Sad Bitch

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About me:

{mmmmm, I talk too much}

  • I play volley-ball and circus.
  • I like bunnies, sushis and old people's genuine smiles.
  • um also I don't know how to do CSS so my profil kinda suckkkss, but ykkk-
  • I usually speak French.
  • I like dark humor but with a limit.
  • I wanna dress pastel goth and mall goth, I really like babycore and sanriocore.
  • I watch anime, of course, like The Promised Neverland, Your Lie In April, Gun Gale Online, Death Note, Saiki K., Ouran high school host club hjdgfbuyhf I'm a newbie.
  • I play videogames but i'm not a gamer girllll, I play Legend Of Zelda on Wii, Mario karts and Mario Galaxy, on my PC I play minecraft, csgo, terraria, roblox.

{fav artists}

  • awfultune
  • ghostemane
  • lil darkie
  • girl in red
  • pink cig

{fav songs}

  • IC3PEAK: (TRRST)(грустная сука)
  • awfultune: (All The Luv In My Sick Heart)
  • cavetown: (deviltown)
  • 100 gecs: (money machine) (stupid horse)
  • MC VIRGIN: (Games on Yo Phone?)
  • Young Craka: (Buy U)

{spotify acc} https://open.spotify.com/user/mg67qx2h8iz9m1395yd5q3jc0?si=KuabXgXrQo2I1kxElQuH0A

Who I'd like to meet:

  • {uh ghostemane? HAHNABHABHRJDF OKEY NO for real, people who drinks MONSTER ENERGYY, if your fav one is ultra paradise add me. Right now. Lmao okey i just wanna meet people, whoever you are just talk to me THANK YOUUUFBRDHJBG :)}
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