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17 years old
United States
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Song: Marina_And_The_Diamonds_-_Bubblegum_Bitch_63978792

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About me:

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I absolutely love the aesthetic myspace gives off. Also being born in 2003 doesn't help cause i never got to experience the magic of this site. It was always instagram and twitter lol. uhhh I like to draw and watch anime owo especially jjba and my comfort show is The Office. My pronouns are They/Them; I'm very open with anyone and everyone from the LGBT+ community, (i'm Bisexual) i'm also in the alt and furry community and like all types of music. We do not accept racists, pedos, zoophiles, sexists, or homophobe/transphobes uwu, we will step on you with our platform boots and fursuit stompers. I'm a feminists and i'm all for social justice owo. https://crystal.cafe/img/thumb/1501110799664.gif https://64.media.tumblr.com/26d63fcf18931f6972e3dd2b942df7d7/61da8c329fa73fac-61/s400x600/a00c920ca42f5d5bcb10220b1e04f4491768c1b1.gifv

Who I'd like to meet:

people that are into art and JJBA. the girls the gays and the theys are always welcomed.I'd also like to meet roleplayers owo. I'm a semi-literate rpr that does any kinds of rps :3 don't b shy to DM

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