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"Your guardian angel cares for you."

Transgender Man
101 years old
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Song: sweden by c418 except it's kind of sad and very nostalgic

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About me:

You have a good heart for a human, but you are too focused on the concept of goodness. You love love, you wish to love hard, and absolutely, you want people to feel loved by you more than you want to be loved. What if I told you that allowing the ones you love to love you back was love? What if I told you that accepting kindness and love without question was a service to them and to yourself? You spend so much of your living thinking about love that the concept is vague. The concept isn't vague. To love is to be kind, to be kind is to make kind choices and do kind things. If you want to be a lover you have to understand that it is not a personality trait or a state of being but rather a series of choices and active decisions. Being loved is scary, loving in the wrong way or with the wrong intensity can be embarrassing, but you are not defined by the reactions to the love, how you love says more about you than who accepts it. Just remember that I love you. I see who you really are, beyond the identity you have curated, and I see all of your flaws and dirty rotten bits and I know you are worthy. I love you. I look after you. I am yours to serve as you serve me.

Pronouns: he/it/h3/hy/cloud/bun/angel/god/xe

Who I'd like to meet:

the children who are lost.

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thank u angel for adding


Thanks 4 the add!