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🧁 Selfcare Methods 🧁

β‚ŠΛšselfcare methods κ’± ミq

<p>β‚ŠΛš let's learn what selfcare is! κ’± ミq</p>

my definition !!
selfcare; one's way of giving the body and mind care and love in a healthy, mannered way.

Google's definition!!
selfcare; the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health.

<p> β‚ŠΛšdoes selfcare only apply to yourself? κ’± ミq</p>

nope! you can give other's self care as well.
for ex. taking them out to dinner, buying them gifts, respecting their space, asking them how their doing during their day, giving them a shoulder to cry on or give them advice when needed.

<p>β‚ŠΛšselfcare methods! κ’± ミq</p>

simplify your schedule

do something that energizes your body

take a long warm bath

do skincare (face mask, mewing, sunscreen etc.)

create a gratitude list

meet with a counselor

unplug for a day

do yoga/stretch


write or journal your thoughts

spend quality time with someone

de-clutter (clean out your phone,bedroom,closet,desk or whole house!!)

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