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"Jack, or get Jacked. ~Jackamu"
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The 31er / Betrayer

My Opinion:

I think that you should watch carefully who you trust and who you are with. You never know what can happen.


So in my last blog I talked about the double standard and I also mentioned the 3 guys M was talking to. So 1 of them is actually a class mate and we've been friends for over 7 years. But that all changed when M started talking to him. She manipulated him so bad that he doesn't even wan't to be with us (our friendgroup) anymore. What I'm trying to say is that he has a crush on her even tho he was really good friends with E (M's ex). But he clearly knows that she's talking to 3 other guys. E is a really good friend of mine atm. So the betrayer (Let's call him S) does whatever she want's him to do. If we go back in time, S tried to expose E so that S can get M for himself. After that E forgave him but that took a turn for it's worse. S took the chance to take M away from all of us, even tho we all had it good. So atm S is really simping for M and we lost all contact to him. He is still telling everything we trusted him to M.

Sorry if this is unclear, It's kinda rushed because I didn't post yesterday and it's really late rn.

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cool story bro so your friend group were only 4 people?