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"Jack, or get Jacked. ~Jackamu"
15 years old
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About Me (extended)

So if you came across this blog you prob wan't to learn more about me so here we go.

So my actual name is Amar but you can call me Amu, I'm 15 and I love Cars. I really like to play games like FiveM (Only drift servers) and Modern Warfare. I like trolling. I like listening to eurobeat. It motivates me to keep on doing what i'm doing. I also love watching animes. I like good animes like Initial D or Wangan Midnight. If you watch Naruto I don't like you already.

I don't like double standards and most of the humanity. I think that some parents should learn how to raise a kid normally. besides that I also don't like people that pretend that they're someone else than they really are.

I hope this gave you a little explanation who I am.

I will continue to update my other blog where I talk about what happens in my life that annoys me.

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