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17 years old
United States
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Name: alexis
Age: 16
Birthday: february 10
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: dark brown with some blue
Right or Left Handed: right
Single?: yee
Pepsi or Coke: both are good
MCDonalds or Burger King?: mcdonald’s
How many pairs of shoes do you own?: at least 20
Do you smoke?: nah
Have you ever stolen from a friend?: nope
Do you do drugs?: nope
Do you drink?: nah
Do you shower daily?: yee
Chocolate or Vanilla?: chocolate
Do you want to get married?: yee
Do you want to have kids?: idk maybe
Future Job: idk maybe engineer or artist
Favorite Sport: is dance a sport?
Do you get sea sick?: nah
Do you believe in yourself?: ha no
Do you think your attractive?: ha nope
Do you like thunderstorms?: yee
Do you sing?: occasionally
Do you play an instrument?: ukulele but i wanna learn piano and bass
Are you a health freak?: nah
Are you scared of the dark?: a bit
Do you get along with your parents?: yeah
Sibblings?: only child here
Pets?: i wish i had a pet :(
Number of Tattoos: none now but maybe like 4 in the future
Number of piercings: 3
Number of Cds I own: at least 50
Style: a weird mix of grunge and emo
Fruit or Vegetable: fruit
Short or Long Hair: longish
Best Friend: my friend from school
Coolest Friend : refer to best friend
Prettiest Friend: trick question it’s all of them
Weirdest Friend: honestly probably me lol
What would you like to get pierced?: my ear again
Have you ever stolen from a store?: nah
Have you ever been kicked out of a store?: no
Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?: i’ve never dated anyone:/
Have you ever turned down a dare?: once i think
Have you ever kissed a boy on the lips?: i’ve never kissed anyone:/
Own a stuffed animal?: yes many
What grade are you in?: 12th
Number of past things your regret: a lot

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ope •-•

Jaden Desmond

you were supposed to say spoons


forks 100% lol

Jaden Desmond

you forgot the most important question:
spoons or forks?
right answers only btw